We are excited to announce a new upgrade to our radiology services!  We have purchased a new Precision-DR (cesium panel) radiography system.  This system features a Ultra Low Noise, High Resolution 10"x12" Images with great dynamic range to insure that our patients stay calm.  Automatic Image Calibration for Extremely Accurate Measurements, this will take the "guess" work out of it. Finally, Wireless image acquisition in under 10 seconds to have immediate visibility.  These features will greatly enhance lameness exams as the clarity of the images are of the highest quality.  Navicular disease, stifle, neck, and back views are now dramatically improved.  We are committed to the excellence in servicing you and your equine companions.  This investment will help us to improve exams and the overall health of our patients.  Take a look at the images, you can see the hair on the patients legs.