Dairyland offers many in-house lab services to help us better serve our clients:

  • Fecal Testing – We can test in-house for coccidiosis and evidence of parasites
  • Large Animal Profiles to assess enzyme levels, kidney and liver function, and muscle damage
  • Packed Cell Volume to aid in diagnosing specific conditions
  • Serum Protein to assess passive transfer of immunity
  • Snap BVD to identify any animals infected with Bovine Viral Diarrhea
  • Rapid Scours testing to identify the cause of diarrhea in calves
  • Premi urine testing to assess antibiotic residue

Milk Culturing:

  • Basic Milk Cultures to determine mastitis pathogens present
  • Coagulase Tests to confirm Staph aureus
  • Mannitol Tests for further Staph aureus testing
  • Camp Tests to confirm Strept ag.
  • Sensitivity Tests to determine the best treatment
  • Colostrum Bacterial Count
  • Milk Replacer Bacterial Count
  • Waste Milk Bacterial Count
  • Pasteurized Waste Milk Bacterial Count


  • Brix Colostrometer Test
  • Feed Moisture
  • Shaker Box