Kinnard Highland held this years Breakfast on the Farm in Kewaunee County for Fathers Day 2022.

Kinnard Highland is a 4th generation family farm. Their story began in 1953, as Joe Kinnard purchased the farm for his son to take over. This farm began with 36 milking cows by the year 1958. Later on as more family joined, the farm grew to 100 cows. As an extra barn was built with robotic milking systems, the farm grew to its present size of 290 cows and over 600 acres.

This years Breakfast on the Farm, hosted to about 5,500 people. The first time Breakfast on the Farm was hosted by Kinnard Highland was 33 years ago in 1989.

Breakfast on the Farm is a large fundraiser for the Kewaunee County Dairy Promotion. This organization is ran by local dairy farm families.

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